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Shakespeare SW Trilogy

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars – More Fun Than Podracing

Note: This article serves as both a review and an editorial discussion on the concept as a whole.  The Episode VII title discussion is below the pictured text. The Star Wars franchise has been adapted into just about every medium, parody, and homage that one could imagine over the past couple of decades.  However, perhaps […]

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CC Podcast

Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 3

Couch Co-op brings the Nostalgia On episode 3 of the Couch Co-op Podcast we talk this weeks biggest news and games we played as kids! Download below for FREE! Or listen in browser (also FREE). Leave a comment about your favorite childhood games. Couch Co-op Ep. 3

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My “Personal” Video Game History

Games Get Personal Every gamer has a different story as to why they love video games.  Different moments and games are engraved into our minds, creating our own personal journey through the fantastic world that is gaming.  This journey, in particular, is my own. So here it is…. My “Personal” Video Game History My love […]

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Couch Co-op

Top 10 Video Game Trailers

With E3 coming up, I’ve been preparing myself to see a lot of game trailers so of course I had to go and find the best video game trailers and put them in a nice little list. So here you have it. My top 10 video game trailers! 10: Call of Duty Ghosts (Reveal Trailer) […]

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Neither Noir's Booth

Dallas Comic Con: Day 2

Second day at Dallas Comic Con was essentially twice as fun; double the fans, double the cosplayers, and double the celebrity encounters. We started with wandering the show floor again simply searching for the best cosplayers we could find. The ones who stood out were: Jengo Fett, Fem Shep, Indian Jones and Henry Jones Sr., and […]

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This guy had a fantastic Red Hood Costume

Dallas Comic Con: Day 1

I’ve never been to Dallas Comic Con so I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into, but once we finally found the entrance I knew I was going to have a great time. The show floor was flooded with amazing artwork, comics, and of course…cosplayers. Also I got to meet the one and only […]

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