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Deck-Building: Play It!

My Friends Are Addicted Last fall, my friend and I frequented the Barnes & Noble at the mall to look at books, comics and games – the usual stuff.  Every time we went, we would always stop at the game section where we saw Cryptozoic Entertainment‘s Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Deck-Building Game, […]

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Shakespeare SW Trilogy

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars – More Fun Than Podracing

Note: This article serves as both a review and an editorial discussion on the concept as a whole.  The Episode VII title discussion is below the pictured text. The Star Wars franchise has been adapted into just about every medium, parody, and homage that one could imagine over the past couple of decades.  However, perhaps […]

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destiny fps

Why 60 FPS Shouldn’t Be A Selling Point

60 FPS or no buy! There are a lot of reasons to play video games this day and age; escapism, entertainment, social experiences, the list goes on and on. However, one thing that a lot of gamers seem to be adding to that list lately is higher frame rates. There are several advantages that come […]

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More Casting Announcements for ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’

The List Keeps Getting Longer The CW has been busy adding more roles to their DC Entertainment shows Arrow and The Flash.  Shortly after the announcement that actress Devon Aoki, known for her role in Sin City, will have the recurring role as Tatsu Yamashiro (aka Katanna) in Arrow, announced that Peter Stormare will be joining Arrow as the new […]

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CW's The Flash

The Expanding World of DC Comics on TV

DC Comic’s Promising 2014 TV Lineup This is a big year for DC comic-based TV shows.  In the fall, we will see the debut of four new shows (The Flash, Constantine, Gotham, and iZombie) as well as Arrow returning for its third season on The CW.  Warner Bros. is at last making a full fledged attempt at building up […]

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Sunset Overdrive: Chaotic Comic Relief

Why not so serious? What’s better than jumping around a town, shooting ridiculous weapons at energy drink-induced zombies? Doing all of that, but with 8 other friends. Sunset Overdrive is a promising, tongue-in-cheek, third person shooter from the team behind the Rachet and Clank series, Insomniac Games. This game is going in a completely different direction than most […]

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Batman v Superman Cast Analysis and a Defense of its Ambition

Scheduled for release on May 6, 2016, Warner Bros.’ first major expansion into a shared cinematic universe will arrive in theaters.  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will continue the story began in 2013’s Man of Steel.  Unlike most superhero sequels, which seem to be stand-alone narratives with loose ties to one another, this chapter […]

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Rainbow Six Siege: Why We’re Excited

Returning to the Roots of Rainbow Six One of my favorite things about the recent Rainbow Six games was Terrorist Hunt in R6: Vegas 2. Just one simple objective, kill the bad guys. You could approach the situation however you saw fit; go in quiet, find an entrance from above, or just breach the front door. […]

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