Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 9: From Under the Couch Cushions

This week is a special episode of the Couch Co-op Podcast! We present, From Under the Couch Cushions, a conversational podcast about whatever comes to mind. Download to hear us talk about Tinder, Celebrities, and other random topics. Click the link to download for FREE or listen in-browser below! Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 9  

Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 8: Table Top Talk

This week Casey and Joe talk about PT, Tabletop games, and Gamescom! Download for FREE below or listen in-browser. The choice is yours! If you like the podcast, please consider donating to the site and help make Couch Co-op even greater! Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 8   Couch Co-op Selfie of the Week:  

Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 5

Don’t Buy Battlefield Hardline! The Co-Founders talk about why they didn’t like Battlefield Hardline, along with the latest and greatest in gaming news from this past week. And yes It’s FREE! Download below or listen in-browser. Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 5  

Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 3

Couch Co-op brings the Nostalgia On episode 3 of the Couch Co-op Podcast we talk this weeks biggest news and games we played as kids! Download below for FREE! Or listen in browser (also FREE). Leave a comment about your favorite childhood games. Couch Co-op Ep. 3

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