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Gotham: “The Balloonman” Review

 “Crazy is bad for business.” Within the first twenty seconds of the show, we see multiple crimes happen in one spot before Cobblepot’s eyes after he declares, “Home.”  This serves as small dramatization of what the entire city is actually facing with the mob running the city and cops letting crime run loose.  With the […]

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Gotham: “Selina Kyle” Review

“You must be such a scamp.” The pilot episode played the role of setting up the world of Gotham and immersing the audience into several characters, possible story directions, and the city itself.  It is worth repeating that I absolutely love the settings of each shot in the show.  The creators did an excellent job in […]

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Gotham: “Pilot” Review

Penguin Begins First in a long list of DC Comics television shows making their debut/return this fall, Gotham has arrived on FOX.  I have to be honest, I have been a little skeptical of this show since it was announced because the idea of a Batman show without the Batman seemed less than thrilling.  But after watching the pilot […]

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Better Call Saul Twitter Leaks Photo + Trailer

Our favorite crooked lawyer’s show, Better Call Saul, tweeted this photo: Before there could be Saul Goodman, there was Jimmy McGill. #BetterCallSaul Series Premiere is coming this February. — BetterCallSaul (@BetterCallSaul) August 24, 2014 Blue matchbooks with our lawyer’s Anglo name. The way they’re strewn about in the picture seems to imply its surroundings […]

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Better Call Saul’s First Teaser Aired

After surviving for months on some photos and a billboard, we finally get to see some footage from the upcoming Breaking Bad spin-off series, Better Call Saul. It’s a little less than ten seconds, and with no music, you get to meditate on Saul’s sagely words. This is the only show, to my knowledge, that […]

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