Evolve Release Date and 4 New Hunters

Today 2K announced the release date of their upcoming 4 vs. 1 multiplayer title Evolve via Twitter. Players will be able to join the hunt on October 21st of this year. Along with the announcement, 4 new hunters were revealed as well.  When the game was first announced we saw four characters Markov (Assault), Griffin (Trapper), […]

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Metro Redux Revealed

4A Games and Deep Silver have announced that they are bringing both Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light to PS4 in the Metro Redux bundle. This is more than just a next-gen port, Metro 2033 has received a plethora of updgrades: “Enjoy completely re-mastered visuals: advanced lighting, dynamic weather, more detailed characters with improved animation, […]

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More News on Next-Gen Metro

Another Vine was posted on Metro’s official twitter page with the caption “All systems go. Frame rate locked. Come back in 15 minutes, we’ll make it worth your while…” you can see the Vine below. Stay tuned for an update very soon.

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Oculus Rift

Oculus With Gloves!

A video posted by the popular YouTuber, BrandonJLa, gives us a glimpse of an awesome VR set up. A “19 censor inertial chest to finger system” combined with the Oculus Rift, to be exact. In addition to the head control, the system allows the player to have control over the fingers, hands, and arms of a […]

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Metro on PS4?

The official twitter page of Metro Last Light has released a series of vines that hint at least one of the Metro games is coming to Sony’s next-gen console. The following are the vines from Metro’s twitter page: So it appears as if a Metro game is making it’s way to PS4 and is apparently running […]

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Dish’s Virtual Joey App Launches on PS3

Dish subscribers who own a PS3 can now access their Dish DVR/Hopper via the new Virtual Joey app located on the PSN store. A post on PlayStation.Blog by Rod Sadler goes into more detail, “Virtual Joey allows you to seamlessly tap into your Hopper using your PS3 without additional wires or boxes. The app communicates […]

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PlayStation Now: PS4 Beta Begins Tomorrow

The highly anticipated PlayStation game streaming app, PlayStation Now, will begin it’s private beta on PS4 tomorrow. For those unaware PlayStation Now is essentially Netflix for video games. According to a post on PlayStation.Blog “the Private Beta program has been going great so far” as it looks to expand to their next-gen system. Members of […]

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