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GTAV Heists Trailer

We’ve been long waiting for GTAV heists and it looks like Rockstar is going to deliver. Finally there is some proof that the team has been working on the online co-op missions. In the trailer Lester says, “I know you’ve been complaining but you weren’t ready” obviously talking directly to the players.  Along with the […]

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Borderlands The Pre-Sequel DLC Plans

2K and Gearbox Softwares has announced that Borderlands The Pre-Sequel will receive four DLC packs afters its release on October 14th of this year. Each pack will be released for $9.99 each. but those willing to purchase the season pass will save about 10 bucks and get all four add-on packs for $29.99. Gearbox also announced that […]

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Review: Rogue Legacy (PS3/PS4)

Prepare to Die…and Laugh! Rogue Legacy is an old-school indie platformer that doesn’t make life easy for you. After a brief tutorial it lets you get right to playing…and dying. Keep in mind that I am notoriously known for numerous deaths in video games, but this one is hard. This could be a turn off […]

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Hohokum Soundtrack Available For Pre-Order

I’m definitely not the most knowledgeable around here when it comes to games, but this definitely caught my eye. Hohokum, due out on the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, has a soundtrack that is entirely curated by Ghostly International – if you don’t know what Ghostly is, just know that they’re a fantastic electronic label […]

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TLOU Live 2

The Last of Us to be Performed Live on Stage

Watch The Last of Us…in Real Life! Today, Geoff Keighley from GameTrailers, announced (via Playstation.Blog) that the original cast from The Last of Us will be live-reading select scenes from the game. The even will be held on Monday July 28th 7PM (PT) in Los Angeles, California. If you happen to be in that area you can […]

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My “Personal” Video Game History

Games Get Personal Every gamer has a different story as to why they love video games.  Different moments and games are engraved into our minds, creating our own personal journey through the fantastic world that is gaming.  This journey, in particular, is my own. So here it is…. My “Personal” Video Game History My love […]

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Review: Watch Dogs

Good Foundations When we first saw Watch Dogs three years ago, Ubisoft promised a lot; dense open world, hacking as a weapon, and complete control over a city. Even though Watch Dogs doesn’t completely fulfill these promises, it has definitely paved a road for a franchise to build upon. The first thing to note is […]

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PlayStation Now: PS4 Beta Begins Tomorrow

The highly anticipated PlayStation game streaming app, PlayStation Now, will begin it’s private beta on PS4 tomorrow. For those unaware PlayStation Now is essentially Netflix for video games. According to a post on PlayStation.Blog “the Private Beta program has been going great so far” as it looks to expand to their next-gen system. Members of […]

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