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OVERKILL Software Announcing a New Game?

PayDay 2 Developer’s Mysterious Countdown Clock OVERKILL Software, the developer behind PayDay 2, has posted a very intriguing countdown clock at overkill.com/whatsnext. This is obvious tease of their next game which after some poking around their website has one game title that we haven’t heard anything about in quite some time, Storm. After doing some more research […]

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destiny fps

Why 60 FPS Shouldn’t Be A Selling Point

60 FPS or no buy! There are a lot of reasons to play video games this day and age; escapism, entertainment, social experiences, the list goes on and on. However, one thing that a lot of gamers seem to be adding to that list lately is higher frame rates. There are several advantages that come […]

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Twitch Study Shows Why Gamers Are Awesome

New Twitch Study With Live Course Associates Twitch, the video game live-streaming service, has posted a study (via blog.twitch.tv) done in partnership with LifeCourse Associates titled “The New Face of Gamers.” The study reveals some interesting facts about gamers such as, gamers are more social, family oriented, and educated than non gamers. The survey also […]

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My “Personal” Video Game History

Games Get Personal Every gamer has a different story as to why they love video games.  Different moments and games are engraved into our minds, creating our own personal journey through the fantastic world that is gaming.  This journey, in particular, is my own. So here it is…. My “Personal” Video Game History My love […]

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Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck Blames the Game

Glenn Beck, the host of The Blaze, has thrown out some ridiculous accusations about video games and technology in general on his show; Call of Duty causing suicides, video games causing violence, and the most absurd…Watch Dogs teaching people how to hack into people’s personal lives. Now we hear a lot of exaggerated claims in news […]

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What We Hope to See at E3

E3 is probably one of the most exciting times to be a gamer, press conferences, game demos, and unexpected reveals.  But the question is, what are we going to see this year? Here are four games that Couch Co-op hopes to see at E3. Mirror’s Edge 2 Last E3, we got a small tease of […]

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