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Borderlands The Pre-Sequel DLC Plans

2K and Gearbox Softwares has announced that Borderlands The Pre-Sequel will receive four DLC packs afters its release on October 14th of this year. Each pack will be released for $9.99 each. but those willing to purchase the season pass will save about 10 bucks and get all four add-on packs for $29.99. Gearbox also announced that […]

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Review: Watch Dogs

Good Foundations When we first saw Watch Dogs three years ago, Ubisoft promised a lot; dense open world, hacking as a weapon, and complete control over a city. Even though Watch Dogs doesn’t completely fulfill these promises, it has definitely paved a road for a franchise to build upon. The first thing to note is […]

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Minecraft Halo Edition Out Tomorrow

Minecraft’s new Halo themed edition is hitting Xbox Live tomorrow. The legendary “mashup”, from 4J Studios, comes with new texture pack, UI, craft-able items, 40 character skins, music, and more all inspired by the Halo Series. The download will also come with a pre-made map filled with iconic Halo environments reimagined with Minecraft’s unique visuals. […]

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