Destiny Special Editions Details Revealed

Three Jam-packed Destiny Special Editions

If you aren’t excited enough for Destiny, Bungie has revealed some enticing details for not one, but three special editions for the upcoming online MMO shooter. Ghost Edition, Limited Edition, and Digital Guardian Edition are now available for pre-order! But which one should you get?

Ghost EditionGhost Edition ($150)

With the Destiny: Ghost Edition you will recive:

  • A Ghost replica, complete with lights and sounds from the game (and Peter Dinklage’s voice)
  • Limited Edition Steel Case
  • Guardian Folio
  • “Arms and Armament” field guide
  • Postcards from “The Golden Age”
  • Antique Star Chart
  • A Unique Ghost casing (in-game)
  • Exclusive player emblem (in-game)
  • Exclusive player ship skin (in-game)
  • Destiny Expansion Pack (in-game)

Quite a lot of Destiny gear, this one should be reserved for the Elite Destiny fans.

Limited Edition ($100)

The Limited edition includes all the items above EXCEPT the Ghost replica. So, if you can live without the floating robot toy but still want the cool case and all the other goodies this would be your best bet.

Digital Guardian Edition ($90)

The important thing to notice about this edition is that all the extra content is digital (duh). This version of the game will include:

  • A Digital download of Destiny
  • Early access to the Vanguard Armory and Player Emblem pre-order bonus
  • Exclusive in-game Ghost casing, player ship, and player emblem

This version is for those who fully embrace the Digital Age of gaming and have no need of physical incentives.

So, which special edition will you be purchasing? Let us know in the comments!



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