Mojang Being Bought By Microsoft


Notch, the face Mojang, has released a statement saying that once the Microsoft deal goes through he will be leaving Mojang and pursue other projects. You can read the full statement here.

Original Post:

Last week there were some talks that Minecraft creators were going to be acquired by Microsoft. Today, it was officially confirmed on Mojang’s website that the rumors were indeed true. The official statement reads as follows:

MojangYes, the deal is real. Mojang is being bought by Microsoft.

It was reassuring to see how many of your opinions mirrored those of the Mojangstas when we heard the news. Change is scary, and this is a big change for all of us. It’s going to be good though. Everything is going to be OK. <3

Please remember that the future of Minecraft and you – the community – are extremely important to everyone involved. If you take one thing away from this post, let it be that.

We can only share so much information right now, but we’ve decided that being as honest as possible is the best approach. We’re still working a lot of this stuff out. Mega-deals are serious business.

The statement is followed by a series of questions Minecraft fans may have about the acquisition. To read the full post click here.

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