First Look at New Superman Suit…And Gotham?

Superman is (probably) headed to Gotham

This morning, USA Today released the first official image of Henry Cavill as Superman from Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Source USAToday
Superman in Gotham? Looks like it!  But why?
BVS New52
The New 52 depiction of Superman

Michael Wilkinson, the designer of the superhero outfits in the film, has previously mentioned that he “tweaked” the suit from its first incarnation in 2013’s Man of Steel. Many comments regarding its first appearance, while praising the overall design and believable incorporation into the movie’s world, claimed that the colors were a bit too muted for such an iconic hero. Even in this dark and rainy photo, which appears to offer our first glimpse of Snyder’s take on Gotham, one can see that the blue, red, and yellow manage to stand out a little more than before. Also noticeable is the addition of a belt to the super suit. While trying to get away from the traditional red undies, Man of Steel depicted Clark’s suit without any red in the midsection. Perhaps this newer take will more accurately find some middle ground, not unlike the red belt seen in the New 52 incarnation.

For now, we can enjoy this photo, which, unless we are mistaken, seems to reveal an older and even bigger take on the character. Could it be that the story is jumping ahead a few years? It would certainly make sense, especially given that Ben Affleck’s Batman will already be a seasoned and “grizzled” crime-fighter. We hope to see more images from the San Diego Comic-Con. It certainly seems to be the best place for Warner Bros. to reveal the first-ever image of the Man of Tomorrow and the Caped Crusader meeting in live action.

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