Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 15: Uncharted 4 and GTAV

By Joe Nixon | December 8, 2014

“It begs the question…” This week on the Couch Co-op Podcast, Casey and Joe talk Uncharted 4 and their thoughts on the new gameplay as well as GTAV’s new first person mode. As always you can download the podcast for free below or listen to it in-browser! Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 15 Couch Co-op Selfie […]

Halo 5 and Most Anticipated Movies?!? – Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 27

By Joe Nixon | April 13, 2015

Casey’s got some Halo 5 theories and the Showrunner and Showstopper have some movies they really want to see! Couch […]

Bloodborne and The Hardest Games We’ve Played – Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 26

By Joe Nixon | March 30, 2015

With the release of Bloodborne, we reflect and reminisce on the hardest games we’ve played. Caution nastalgia ahead. Couch Co-op […]

Will We Play Battlefield Hardline? – Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 25

By Joe Nixon | March 23, 2015

Are we going to play Battlefield Hardline? Does it change up the Battlefield formula enough to have us interested? And […]

Hotline Miami 2, Helldivers, and the Beauty of Small Games – Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 24

By Joe Nixon | March 16, 2015

Hotline Miami 2 and Helldivers are small games but what makes them so much fun? Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 24 […]

Rock Band

Rock Band 4 Hype and Virtual Reality – Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 23

By Joe Nixon | March 9, 2015

Is the world ready for Rock Band 4? Is it ready for virtual reality. We think so. Couch Co-op Podcast […]

The Order: 1886 Does it suck? – Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 22

By Joe Nixon | March 2, 2015

Is The Order: 1886 really that bad? Joe gives his thoughts about the game. The Couch Co-op guys also talk […]

Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 21: Evolve. Is it Fun?

By Joe Nixon | February 16, 2015

Episode 21 of the Couch Co-op Podcast is all about Evolve, Star Wars, and Tomb Raider. If you like the […]

Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 20: Games Media is Changing

By Joe Nixon | February 9, 2015

Casey and Joe remember Mounty Oum, discuss the changes in Games Media, and more! Download for free or listen in-browser. […]