Rainbow Six Siege Unscripted Gameplay

Ubisoft Streams Live Gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege Need your tactical shooter fix? Today Ubisoft streamed several live gameplay matches as well as a Q&A over destruction, weapons, and tactics in Rainbow Six Siege. Luckily, YouTuber MacroStyleNL recorded the stream and you can watch it in its entirety below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HoBvM2FXrY Rainbow Six Siege will be coming …

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OVERKILL Software Announcing a New Game?

PayDay 2 Developer’s Mysterious Countdown Clock OVERKILL Software, the developer behind PayDay 2, has posted a very intriguing countdown clock at overkill.com/whatsnext. This is obvious tease of their next game which after some poking around their website has one game title that we haven’t heard anything about in quite some time, Storm. After doing some more research …

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A Spotlight on Evolve’s New Hunters

If yesterday had you wondering about the four, newly announced Hunters then today is your day. A new video has been posted to Evolve’s YouTube channel, giving us a better look at the new members of the monster hunting team. Are you looking forward to taking on the beasts with Maggie, Hyde, Lazarus, and Bucket?