YouTuber Beats Ground Zeroes in Less Than 4 Minutes

MGS5: Ground Zeroes Gets Shorter and Shorter MGS5: Ground Zeroes is known to be a short game but YouTuber CrumandMimalmo just made it a whole lot shorter; completing the game in 3 minutes and 54 seconds and currently holds the fastest completion time. Who ever this person is…he/she has too much spare time.

30 Minutes of MGS 5 Gameplay

Horses and Goats in MGS 5 If you didn’t get a chance to see Big Boss in action during E3, now’s your chance! Get a small glimpse at MGS 5: The Phantom Pain‘s massive open world and at the customizable Mother Base in this nearly 30 minute gameplay demo! Source: IGN

A Weekend With Destiny

Destiny Alpha Reactions This past weekend Casey and Joe got their hands on an Alpha code for Destiny’s weekend event! See the in’s and out’s of Bungie‘s new MMO sci-fi shooter in the video below!