Star Wars Battlefront and More Star Wars – Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 28

By Joe Nixon | April 20, 2015

Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars. With The 7th Annual Star Wars Celebration behind us, we talk about all the trailers and news bits we saw this past weekend. Along with Batman v. Superman trailer and more! Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 28

Halo 5 and Most Anticipated Movies?!? – Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 27

By Joe Nixon | April 13, 2015

Casey’s got some Halo 5 theories and the Showrunner and Showstopper have some movies they really want to see! Couch […]

Bloodborne and The Hardest Games We’ve Played – Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 26

By Joe Nixon | March 30, 2015

With the release of Bloodborne, we reflect and reminisce on the hardest games we’ve played. Caution nastalgia ahead. Couch Co-op […]

Will We Play Battlefield Hardline? – Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 25

By Joe Nixon | March 23, 2015

Are we going to play Battlefield Hardline? Does it change up the Battlefield formula enough to have us interested? And […]

Hotline Miami 2, Helldivers, and the Beauty of Small Games – Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 24

By Joe Nixon | March 16, 2015

Hotline Miami 2 and Helldivers are small games but what makes them so much fun? Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 24 […]

Rock Band

Rock Band 4 Hype and Virtual Reality – Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 23

By Joe Nixon | March 9, 2015

Is the world ready for Rock Band 4? Is it ready for virtual reality. We think so. Couch Co-op Podcast […]

The Order: 1886 Does it suck? – Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 22

By Joe Nixon | March 2, 2015

Is The Order: 1886 really that bad? Joe gives his thoughts about the game. The Couch Co-op guys also talk […]

Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 21: Evolve. Is it Fun?

By Joe Nixon | February 16, 2015

Episode 21 of the Couch Co-op Podcast is all about Evolve, Star Wars, and Tomb Raider. If you like the […]

Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 20: Games Media is Changing

By Joe Nixon | February 9, 2015

Casey and Joe remember Mounty Oum, discuss the changes in Games Media, and more! Download for free or listen in-browser. […]