EA’s E3 Press Conference Wrap Up

Did  you miss the EA press conference? Allow us to fill you in. Here are the biggest, most exciting announcements from EA.

Star Wars Battlefront

DICE opened the show with a glimpse of Battlefront…just a tease but it’s still a look at the game.

Mass Effect

We got a taste of what Bioware will be letting us explore in their New installment of Mass Effect.

Sports, Sports, Sports

EA showed off their upcoming sports titles such as Madden 15, UFC, FIFA, and NHL…you know, sports stuff.

Mirror’s Edge 2

A new developer diary for Mirror’s Edge was shown to get us even more excited.

Battlefield Hardline

Huge news for EA’s “cops n’ robbers” take on the multiplayer warfare title. Also the beta went live right after the announcement along with some gameplay footage AND a release date…coming this October.


That sums up EA’s press conference. What did you think of the announcements? Let us know in the Comments!




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