Happy Birthday, Batman!

Holy Birthday Cake, Batman!

Seventy-five and still kicking bad-guy butt.

The Dark Knight turns 75 today.  Through the years, Batman has changed, but he has, and perhaps always will be, the backbone to DC Entertainment.  There are several opportunities to get your very own cape and cowl along with other free goodies such as a special addition Detective Comics #27 (The issue in which he first appeared).  Be sure to check out your local comic book store to get free stuff and enter raffles for prizes!

A new look for the first appearance of the Batman.

Barnes and Noble is also recognizing Batman Day with free stuff as part of their Get Pop-Cultured event that is going on through August 10.  Sales on comics, books, and gifts as well as opportunities to meet authors for select book signings will be happening throughout the event.

Have a happy Batman Day!  What’s your favorite Batman through the years?  Let us know in the comments!

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