An In Depth Look at The Order: 1886’s Lycans

Bringing Believability to The Order’s Half Breeds

We got a taste of what the Knights will be facing in The Order 1886 at E3 this year but today Playstation.Blog released an in depth look at the creation of the Lycans.

These aren’t your typical werewolves; they’re beasts but with the intelligence of a human, making them a formidable foe for The Order. In order to create these creatures, the team from Ready At Dawn is crafting an animation system that shows the full transformation in real time. The player will see a human turn into a Lycan without any smoke or mirrors, resulting in a much more believable, authentic enemy.

Ready At Dawn is striving to bring believability to its alternate history and they’re using some impressive tech to achieve this goal. After only seeing a few vertical slices from The Order: 1886, I’m definitely excited to get my hands on this in 2015.

Source: Playstation.Blog


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